Smoking Leads to:

by on July 7, 2015
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Smoking leads to many dental issues including:

    • Bad Breath:That would be the first sign, it’s not just you who is affected but it’s the people around you as well.
    • Be courteous, no one likes to talk to someone who has bad breath.
    • Teeth Discoloration:Your smile, it’s not just going to be yellow it’s all kinds of yellow brown color. Yikes!
    • INCREASED buildup of plaque and tartar. You’ll see it mainly on your lower front teeth but that’s only what you can see!
    • DELAYED healing process: Extractions, periodontal treatment and oral surgery.
    • INCREASED risk of developing oral cancer.

Think twice about picking up that next cigarette, is it worth your body breaking down? These are just some risks you take when smoking.



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