Facts and Fiction In Dentistry

by on July 7, 2015
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Sensitive teeth mean decay
Fiction. Doesn’t always mean you have a tooth that is decaying.It can mean gum recession that exposes the root or hypersensitive teeth. With gum recession there’s a specific procedure that can be done; a kind of filling where the exposed root can be covered.

Bleeding gums is normal
Fiction. It is not normal for gums to bleed, while flossing and brushing your teeth. Is it normal for your skin to bleed while taking a shower? Think about it that way. Bleeding gums can be an early sign of gingivitis. Contact us as soon as possible.

Floss when necessary
Fiction. Flossing and brushing goes together, it does what the other can’t do. Brushing gets the surfaces of each tooth but it can not go in between; whereas flossing can remove what the toothbrush misses. Think about the toothbrush being Batman and floss being Robin. With us we can show you the proper way to brush and floss.


Bad breath can be a sign of a dental problem.
Fact. 85% of people with persistent bad breath may have a dental condition. If this is the case, mouthwash and gum can only mask the odor and can not cure the bad breath. Brushing regularly twice a day and flossing daily will greatly reduce the bad breath, but sometimes it can be under the gums.

Change your toothbrush regularly.
Fact. You should at least change your toothbrush every 4-6 months. After a certain amount of usage, the bristles get worn out and do not work as well as they did the first few times they were used. Also, rinse out with hot water after every use and change your toothbrush after you have been sick.

Brush your teeth for 2- 3 minutes.
Fact. The average person brushes their teeth twice a day for 50 seconds. We recommend that you brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes 2-3 times a day. Be gentle when brushing, it may seem like the harder you brush your teeth the cleaner it is; but actually the more time you put in the more you get out.



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